The Colour of November – 1.11

It’s been way too long since my last post on food, which is a sad refection of how incredibly crazy life has been, both in terms to pen this post and in terms of, well, time to drink the wine or soju and listening to the live band.

Anyway, in today’s Powerplant event, I hit the EkoCheras Mall for the first time. The mall which has people hyped previously, with its “unfinished interior design”.

Congratulations On Powerplant 4th Branch Opening !
The one & only modern Korean Bar in Malaysia & also one of the fastest growing brands in the country. Hope it thrive to be one of the big brands in the nearest future.



And today, in my honest reviews.

Since then, when I first visited their 3rd branch in Sky Avenue Genting Highlands, I have made my return twice or thrice or countless of times, that’s how much I liked it. And I believe, numbers of people of you do so. As with most bars or restaurants up hill, their food and service were significantly better.

Powerplant is known for its one & only Modern Korean Fusion Bar in Malaysia. They have live band in all of their respective outlets everyday. They serve great food & beverages as well. The surrounding of each pub looks like a hipster exploded in it, but thankfully, unlike other similarly conceptualized bars, they still serve great food, and what amazes me is their friendly crew members.

I know I talk about this place so much here that people are going to start thinking I work for them. (I don’t)

Once you actually identify this place, you will be rewarded with their exposed copper trunking or piping design, great lightning, the Powerplant bright signage surrounded with the ‘greens’ as the background for their every stage and last but not least, the incredibly smell of kimchi.

This place is too beautiful not to linger, with their ambience surrounding.

Also, I swear, I do not work for them.

So I put the “good” in everything, the food, the cocktails, the music/live band and of course, the service.

The one thing I found off about the place though, was their complete disregard of food art and froze beer glass, which is an art I found indicative of curious confidence in a time when the instagrammability of one’s dishes are paramount importance, in terms of how postable it is. I’ll leave you guys to debate what this means about the state of our generation yourselves.

Overall verdict, if you are in the area, there is zero reason why you should not visit this bar. Join their happy hours and wonder down the ironic mall while singing the song that gets stuck in your head every time you leave the place.

Lastly,  remember to down a glass or two of their refreshing cocktails – Dragongeoli & Passiontini. I normally fancy my Gin but the Dragongeoli packed a nice punch of fruity taste from the dragonfruit juice even though mixed with mageoli – making it the perfect summer drink. The menu is available at all outlets below :-

  • Powerplant Pearl Point Shopping Gallery
  • Powerplant Tropicana City Mall
  • Powerplant Sky Avenue Genting Highlands
  • Powerplant Ekocheras Mall (Newly Opened)

Operating from 10am – 1.30am daily

For more :-
Instagram – mypowerplant
Facebook – Powerplant Malaysia

Ching Yee

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