Chinese Tea For Health (Red Date Tea)

In the Chinese tradition, a healthy and rosy complexion is only possible when you have enough blood in your system.

When I hit puberty, my mom started making me two types of drink and soup, a very bitter medicinal soup called Eight Treasure Tonic (Pat Chan Tong) and Red Dates Tea.

Though I hated the former, I could tolerate the latter. A brew of the above drink does not  only act to improve blood circulation, thus keeping the body warm. This is great to be consumed everyday for the “winter days”.

Red dates herbal tea is a delicately sweet delicious tea to revitalize blood, balances spirit, beautifies the skin, anti-aging, filled with antioxidants and what our body needs to recover and heal.

When I take this everyday, I can really tell a difference in my skin. I have such a natural glow and to top it off, my period will come and go with no issues. If you have less blood in your body like me, your period will be more taxing on your poor little self.

How to make Red Date Tea?

Prep: 5mins
Cook : 1hr (in a slow cooker)
Yields : 4-5 servings

– 10 Red dates
– 10 Black dates
– 1 Chinese dried date
– A handful of dried longan

1. Remove the seeds from red dates and black dates by cutting them into half.
2. Give the sliced dates and dried longan a gentle rinse under cool, running water.
3. In a slow cooker, combine the sliced red & black dates, chinese dried date, dried longan & boiled water.
4. Cover and bring to a boil before lowering the heat and simmering for an hour under the Auto Mode.
5. This tea can be enjoyed either hot or cold.

My hands and feet are constantly cold and my skin looked dull. Since regularly taking this, I look healthier and it’s definitely one of my secret weapons for making my skin glow (laughs) . I would encourage all of you, especially ladies to try this out.

Ching Yee

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