Me Against The Big Strange World

While 2020 is less than two months away. I personally think for all the potential drawbacks that travelling alone brings, I still think it is an incredible experience that we should try at least once in our life.

It is a beautiful journey that opens your soul and eyes to a plethora of experiences in ways traveling with a company or group can’t. Solo traveling is essential to personal growth and self-discovery.

On top of it all, it gives you the utter freedom to do almost everything your heart desires. Patience is virtue. Traveling alone involves a great deal of waiting, which can make you pretty irritated at times. Waiting in a line for a meal. Stuck in a crammed airport. But at the end of the day, these unfortunate events will strengthen your patience and transform into a better and stronger person. Over time, you will develop tolerance for certain things.

Lonely and alone are different. Along the way, you are going to meet a bunch of wonderful folks whom you will form strong connections with. With no companion by your side, traveling alone makes it easier for you to meet new people.

And with no one there to guide you through your journey, you suddenly find the courage to trust your feelings and instincts. Eventually, you will learn how to access the true intentions of a stranger.

To blend yourself into the city, the irony of travel is that we set out to explore different food, people and culture. And yet we return and realize that we are all just the same. White, Black, Asians, famous, rich or poor – we are all here to play the same game of life. In the end, what we all seek are respect, validation, love and security.

It is true that solo traveling can be a pretty daunting experience, but once you get to experience it, you will be totally thankful that you have mustered the courage to do it.

I thank my 25 self for this opportunity to indulge myself fully. It has taught me about life more generally. To love yourself fully before loving others. Because without sufficient self-love, we are not capable of truly loving others.

It also makes me realize how small I am in this big strange world. Till my next write up.


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