Be Grateful


On the Covid-19 pandemic, however, the threat of this health crisis & the limitations of the worldwide lockdown have posed real challenges to many of us, especially to many organizations.

Like many of us, working is our life. But this has made me reflect on how fragile life is for all of us, how our enemy is invisible and not each other.

As things get worse worldwide with the Covid, and the nationwide locks down the hatches to prepare and slow the spreading curve, our employer announced just today, employees’ salary & performance bonus will be paid out to all of us tonight. We are very grateful and are deeply touched by this.

With its businesses worldwide are seriously affected, employees are given full paid leave without deduction of annual leave or pay.

As we continue our mission to serve, please bear with us as we pool our resources to adjust for all during this period of time.

Wishes, love and thoughts are with the colleagues who are still up there in fighting & serving for all.

Thank you GenM for showering us with love, showing us that we are not alone in this challenging time. With love & solidarity, we can get through this together.

Can’t wait to be back to reunite with this big family again . Stay safe & healthy everyone.

Loves, Ching Yee

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