Reflections On MCO

Reflections on a restricted movement day 8. First, MCO extended to April 14, which was originally scheduled to end on March 31.  We have another 21 days from now to contain the further spread of Covid-19.

This movement control order has made me lose the will to do anything. Life has lost its structure. I haven’t been out, not even to the nearest 7-11.

Did a few sessions of workout, cleaned my  study room, cooked some meals for the family. But, I am going nowhere, still at the same spot. I have done a lot and also tried to learned some new things/skills every day of this lockdown.

It may seem like I have so much to worry about. Markets are slowing down & some of the people I know are slowly getting financially burnt. I keep thinking about them and the ones who are living hand to mouth.

Then, some aid packages came out, which are going to be so damn good but it’s a pathetic excuse. What about the rest of the Malaysians who brace for two weeks of no income as this lockdown disrupts their daily activities. Who will compensate them for their losses? SMEs. Rental for the premises. Salaries for the workers. Wet market aunties uncles had no choice but to remove perishables from their stalls.

I have donated, to give a helping hand to the families who are in need of daily essentials during MCO period. If you are interested to join me, check out my stories or head to

Links below :-
1. #mealsformedics , also boost the local restaurants’ business (killing two birds with one stone)

2. #bantujirankita takes into account struggling families whose head of household has affected by MCO in providing them daily necessities

Instead of just sitting home, let’s do something to make someone feel loved today

#stayathome to save lives. Be responsible to yourself & others. Respect the frontliners. The medics, the abang police, army & the rest.

Loves, Ching Yee

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