Lockdown Day 10 – On Family & Food

Restricted movement day 10, I got myself outta the house on food & household supplies today. I haven’t been out for 7 days! I could actually feel a sort of nervous about leaving the house. *laughs*

I feel like I’m so used to staying at home, having everything stable & ready that when I thought of leaving, I got slightly nervous. Not because of covid but driving.

Planned to go on this “trip” with my brother & my buddy at the same day & time so that we could meet. But still, practice social distancing. We went with 3 cars separately. Queued for an hour to the market entrance. Everyone was at least 1-2metres away from each other.

On the night before, I was thinking if I would be able to buy groceries like how I did previously. I told myself no panic buying. Just take whatever is needed. List down your needs.


So here we are in the market, getting our grocer checklists done. With fresh fish, vegetables & some dairy products. Remember, try to get food or vegetables that have a longer shelf life.

This is something what I have been grateful on this lockdown. If there is one thing I have learnt in these for the last couple of days, it is about the importance of family and food, the togetherness, time and moment spent at home together.

Much Love, Ching Yee

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