Week 10, it turns out, I lost track of the definition of being ‘happy’. I’ve been waking up for the past week stressed out, dwelling in the uncertainties of the future. How the world has forever changed due to the current pandemic and where my standing will be once recovery begins. Because it definitely won’t be the same again.

This mostly gotta do with my work, career, daily routine and my life. My time invested. Would it all go back to what it was like? Everyone has the same thing.

I felt really dark and I’m glad I realized it. Sometimes the strongest people get exhausted of being strong. Control is an illusion and life itself should be about our present.

I can’t be wasting my time dwelling with uncertainties. I have to keep a calm mind, prepare and make plans. And this pandemic reminded me that, growth can be uncomfortable and messy. In life, nothing is permanent.

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